Saturday, September 14, 2019

How to make healthier and delicious cheese cake.【Healthy Tofu Cheese Cake】

レンジで2分30秒!すぐ出来て超簡単な『ヘルシー豆腐チーズケーキ』Healthy Tofu

Cheese Cake

 I made "Healthy Tofu Cheese Cake" to make in the microwave!

I think steaming this cake by rice cooker machine will be

also worked.

If it is made in a microwave oven,

the heating time is only 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and it can be done very quickly, so it is quite easy.600 W is the best!

 Making dough is super simple as all ingredients are mixed in a food processor or mixer!

It is healthy because it contains tofu,

 but it has a low tofu feel and is easy to eat.

This is a recipe for anyone who wants to make a healthy cheesecake in a short time.


  • 200g cream cheese 
  • 100g silken tofu (You can find in Japanese supermarket easily)
  • 70g sugar (I always use brown sugar)
  • 2 egg 
  • 2  tbsp flour  (I used potato starch to make it more fluffy♥)
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice (I also add lemon zest for a more refreshing taste!)

Please try this weekend my healthy tofu cheesecake recipe.

This is a delicious and nutritious cake for kids too.

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