Sunday, July 21, 2019

Tidying up is also letting go of your past. Detoxify of your mind.

#1 in New York Gina Kruger Tidy Up with KonMari NHK

Simple ideas to start minimalist life.

When I was reading 
Yoga philosophy book last night.
I recalled about Kondou Marie,
also known as Konmari in Netflix,
is a Japanese organizing consultant
and also the best seller book author.

Yoga is 
the heart of meditative practice every day.
In Yoga Sutra
(the ancient Indian philosopher
Patanjali wrote this book)
Patanjali presents up with 
the complete psychological transformation
through the discipline of yoga.

According to him,
yoga focuses on freedom from worldly
suffering through a liberating practice.

I thought that 
letting go of materials and needless thoughts
are also the practice of yoga.
Removing distraction (Turning off your phone)
is the practice of YAMA and PRATYAHARA.

The practical means of freedom has
eight limbs.

The 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • YAMA - Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows.
  • NIYAMA - Positive duties or observances.
  • ASANA - Posture.
  • PRANAYAMA - Control of the breath.
  • PRATYAHARA - Sense withdrawal. (Inner sense)
  • DHARANA - Focused concentration.
  • DHYANA - Meditative absorption.
  • SAMADHI - Bliss or enlightenment.

Past experiences recorded in memory 
have no relevance in seedless
contemplation, where all thought 
ceases and the spirit is 
completely free from the material world.
(Yoga sutra 1.47-51)

Patanjali calls past experience "seeds"
which planted in our memory.

Simply speaking,
Yoga takes you into the present moment,
the only place where life exists.
You need to let go of your past 
if you really wanna spiritually freedom,
even if they are still in your memory.

Konmari said 
"Please appreciate your materials 
and the person who gave them to you 
when you throw away them.
Then you don't need to feel guilty 
because they are still in your memory."

"The space in which we live 
should be for the person 
we are becoming now,
not for the person we were in the past."

Both Patanjali and Konmari 
said getting rid of your past
to focus on now are important.

Tidying up your home 
is also an easy step you can do every day.
I'm sure you will feel better 
if you also know this act is also
one of the practices of yoga.

I'm still tidying up my home.
I think it's just daily practice.
My husband and I gave 
our old TV shelf today to his friend 
who wanted it, and 
we are also going to give 
our coffee table in our living room,
because his friend's uncle wants it.
We have fewer materials at home
than before, but we feel better.
When we don't have too much food 
in our fridge, we can easily find 
what we wanna eat from there.
I also simplify my makeup and 
skincare routine than before,
and my friends told me I look better 
without "heavy" makeup.
So I think Konmari method really works in my life(⌒∇⌒)

Thank you for reading all my trivial thought.
I hope my experience will help
you to tide up your home and 
make you a little bit happier.



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