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I think many people can't appreciate

about their health and normal things

when they are healthy or

nothing is happening to them.

After I watched this video

I recalled my memories

when I got anorexia and bulimia,

and I was a junior high school student.

I overcame my eating disorder by

eating traditional Japanese food little by little

and also practicing Yoga to calm down my anxiety.

I still remember I made my mom very worried about me

and I was also suffered a lot mentally and also physically

in those days.

But I also learned many important things

from my experience and

my appreciation to my family and my healthy body

became bigger than before(o^―^o)

I still often hear

the number of women who become

an eating disorder is increasing every year,

and I know it really hurt everything and

all people's heart because

both of the person and their family

experience a very hard time.

What I want to say here is

eating disorder's causes aren't

only their fear about increasing weight or

their perfectionism (too strict sense of beauty,

too much pressure about work etc).

Sometimes eating disorder comes from

human relationships with your family,

friends, and even yourselves.

I was also bullied from other girls when

I couldn't eat anything and

I was also starving for love at that time.

I also understand well

why women always want to lose weight

even after they become extremely underweight,

because I just know the feeling.

I felt like I was no value (I thought like this when I was anorexia)

if I'm not skinny,

if I'm not a good daughter for my mom,

if my friends don't admit me,

if I can't be useful for somebody,

if I'm not beautiful,

if I have many pimples on my face etc.

When I recalled the ideas now,

I can just laugh at myself and

I don't care about other people's assessment

at all now.

I also knew I really didn't need

many fake friends in my school,

because I think it's much better

to have few real friends than

having millions of followers or fake friends in my life.

So if you are a person who is suffering

from something mental or health issues,

please take care of yourself well first.

If you are anorexia or bulimia,

please eat dinner with your family

and please understand that nourishing your body

with fresh food aren't sin but it needs for

your health and mental health.

Eating anything at all damage your body,

brain, and you will lose your beautiful skin and hair

at the end of the diet.

This is why I recommend people to eat

rice as a staple diet, because rice is clean energy

for your brain and easy to digest.

(Eating rice and some balanced side dishes like

traditional Japanese cuisine help you to heal your brain damage

and also promote deep sleep to heal your body.)

I hope my information will be helpful for


May God always give you good health and strength.



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