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How to make Japanese donuts at home. How to make Modo Hawaii Donuts at home. ポンデリング作り方 Healthy donuts recipe

あのドーナツを再現♪もっちリング♡|C CHANNELレシピ

【簡単おやつ】ミスドのポンデリング再現レシピ♡ 【こうじょうちょーの素人クッキング】

ポンデリングの作り方 How to make a pont de ring
もちもち!揚げないミスド風ドーナツの作り方【料理レシピはParty Kitchen��】

Modo Hawaii donuts are always
so popular in California.

My husband always wants to
buy their donuts so much,
but he is too lazy to 
make a line.

I can find resemble donuts 
so easily without waiting in Japan,
and some Japanese wife also make
this kind of donuts at home 
for their kids or for

I wrote down the most simple 
but the delicious ratio of ingredients here,
so please try to make donuts at home
for your family or kids!
It's fun and also yummy(⌒∇⌒)
My recipe is also healthier.

Modo Hawaii donuts style 
homemade donuts recipe 1💛

Shiratamako (sweet rice flour): 1 cup (100g)
Soft tofu   100g
plain yogurt      100g
Hotcake mix (pancake mix) 100g

Vegan-friendly Recipe 2 
(when you can't buy Shiratamako,
or you don't wanna use yogurt)

Soft tofu 200g
Hotcake mix (pancake mix) 200g

How to cook donuts.
Please watch the videoes I attached above.
I think you don't need to make the shape exactly if you don't care about appearance.
If you are a busy person,
you can mix all ingredients and 
then you can drop the dough 
into the heated oil by spoon(o^―^o)

Please be careful and 
make sure your kids stay away 
from fire when you fly donuts.

Thank you for reading.
Please have a good mother day(^▽^)/


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