Saturday, May 18, 2019

How to heal your skin. What is the most effective skincare?

What I want to tell the past me about skin care.

If you are always worried about your skin issue,
I want to tell you about the important things.

First, you don't need to worry about pimples or
other skin issues like Psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.
it's okay to have small skin issues,
although Media and SNS always
advertise the idea
you should always have perfect skin,
women should be always beautiful etc.
(These are just for selling more
beauty products
to you.)

I had many pimples when I was a teen, and
even now(I'm 31 now) I sometimes pimples
before my period.
My husband also had serious psoriasis,
but his skin condition is very good now
after I helped him to improve his diet since
he was single and
I also use olive squalane oil on his skin every night
before bed.
He also stopped use antibiotic cream
which his doctor always gave to him,
because the cream didn't work for him at all
and just dried up his skin and irritated his skin more.

What did I do to heal my acne problems?
I wanna tell you my secret way to heal
pimples without buying any expensive
products here.

1 Wipe your phone and tablets which you use
   everyday. (your phone has tons of bacteria and
  it might be the cause of your pimples on your face.)
2 Improve your intestine condition,
  because it's the most important to get clear and healthy skin.
  Eat more fruits and vegetable to get vitamin C and fiber.
3 AVOID dairy products and high-fat meals.
 Especially you should refrain fast food and potato chips.
   This also helps you to be healthy and more mindful
   what you eat every day.
   Eating healthy food is also one way of self-love practice.
4 Do simple skincare especially when
  your skin condition is bad.
  I only use rice vinegar to sanitize my pimple
 and apply coconuts oil or another normal moisturizer
  when I have pimples on my face,
  because I don't want to give anymore stress on my skin.
  Remember you don't need a strong antimycobacterial face wash
  or expensive acne care products etc,
  because it might make your skin more dried
  and pimples will come back again and again easily
  once your skin immune system decrease
  because of unnatural chemicals or
  too strong facial wash.
5 If you wanna sanitize your skin,
   use Tea tree oil or Lavender oil.
   This two oils will kill bad bacteria
  and it's a more natural approach and safer
  than antibacterial cream.
  I also use diluted vinegar or
 diluted white wine when I wipe my face
 to sanitize bad bacteria on my face
 without harming my natural immune system.
6 Reduce your daily stress and stop
  worrying about your appearance so much.
  Depressing about your skin invite
  bad cycles.
  So slow down your life and be happy.

I write down self-love tips here too
so that you can take care of yourself well (o^―^o)

Self-care can be
saying NO to others.
forgiving yourself.
not try to be perfect for others.
accept yourself.
have time for your meditation at night.
spending time alone.
putting yourself first.
let your past go.
go to sleep earlier.
take a bath when you are down.
cook healthy food for yourself.
stop watching Instagram and SNS for a while.
connect with nature(This is wonderful stress relief)
go on a walk to get vitamin D.
eating mushroom and apples to get fiber.
remembering Media is Fake and not real.
stop comparing yourself to others.
connecting only with positive friends.
stop dealing with negative people.
be mindful what you eat and what you feel every day.
feed your mind HOPE, TRUTH, and with LOVE.

I hope my tips will help your life become better.
I just wanted to remind you that
you are doing your best you can do right now
in your life.
I also believe all women are beautiful
no matter how others say,
because God made us and
all of us his lovely sheep.

Consumerism and the modern busy world
always try to give you
so many information and
try to persuade you to buy new products
but many friends of mine
also healed their pimples
just by using simple products
like tea tree oil and moisturizer.
I also recommend you to wash your face
with normal soap and don't use a too strong facial wash.
(Castile soap, Aloe soap, natural soap, organic soap, etc)
Soap is better for your skin and also
it's not harmful to the environment.

Thank you for reading patiently my long article.


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