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4 Japanese Exercises to Live Longer Than Other People

Katsuzō Nishi (1884 – 1959) [1] was the Japanese founder of Nishi Shiki in 1927, who was at that time the chief engineer for Tokyo subway. He was an aikido teacher and he also practiced Yoga asana.

He said

When we watch people involved in Aikido, we see that their stance is like an equilateral tetrahedron. We watch them begin the characteristic spherical rotation. They change in various ways, extending and drawing, without losing their centered balance. Theirs are completely controlled figures. When the body is controlled, it is most healthy.”

As we all know,
spinal curvature can cause various problems 
for your internal organs and physical health.
That’s why it’s very important to 
control your posture all day long, and even at night. 

Katsuzo claims that maintaining a straight spine allows you to be 2 cm (0.80 in) taller,
and has a beneficial effect on both the work of the digestive organs and the circulatory system.
Katsuzo recommends getting a solid pillow or a roller and placing the 3rd and 4th vertebrae of the neck on it. At first, a roller might cause some discomfort, and that’s why you can wrap it in a couple of layers of fabric and then remove them one by one.

6 Laws of the Nishi Health System
1       Sleep on a flat hard surface
2       Sleep with a hard semi-cylindrical pillow,
3  Goldfish exercise, wing your hips horizontally like fish (1 minute),
4  Lie on your back and raise your arms and legs, then shake them (1 minute),
5  Lie on your back and join your hands and feet, then slide your hands and feet horizontally (10 times).
6  Sit down Japanese style and swing your upper body centering on your hips (10 minutes).
When you do these exercises, please concentrate on your core muscle and pay attention to your Spine.

Aimon style (o^^o)
My bed is a film and a King size bed.
I don’t use a pillow at all.
I recommend you NEVER use a soft pillow
If you are a dancer or if you want to keep your beautiful body line.
No 4 exercise is great exercise between
Yoga practice to remove toxins from your body
and improve your blood circulation and flow of lymph.
This is so easy and effective exercise!
Please remember your good posture is essential for your beauty and health.
(Image the car which hasn’t parallel wheels in their position and
 The defective house which has unbalanced structure.
 Both tend to collapse easily and harmful to people.)

I wanna introduce Katsuzō Nishi’s 10 lessons here,
Because I couldn’t find his 10 lessons in English HP(´・ω・`)

西勝造 十訓 英訳
一ツ 寛い心ヲモツコト(度量)
二ツ 深イ情ヲカケルコト(慈悲)
三ツ ミンナ仲ヨクスルコト(太平)
四ツ 喜ブ心ヲ持ツコト(感謝)
五ツ 色ハ匂エド散ルモノ(無常)
六ツ 向コウ三軒両隣ガ大切(新睦)
七ツ 長イ眼デ見ルコト(忍耐)
八ツ 柳ニ風折レナシ(柔和)
九ツ 越サレヌ河ハ越エヌコト(諦観)
十ツ     時ノ過ギヌマニ働クコト(努力)

He put emphasis on these things.
    Be Generous
    Be Merciful
    Living together happily, and don’t mean each other.
    Be thankful
    Nothing is certain in life but accept this.
    Neighborly love. Love the people around you.
    Be patient to yourself and others.
    Be gentle to people. (Have a flexible mind and body so that you will not be broken by the wind of society.)
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
You must know when to give up and be quite philosophical about that you can’t control in your life.
10   Always do your best.

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