Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Effective skincare. Japanese skin care. Aging care. long flight skincare スキンケア 乾燥対策 紫外線対策 ロングフライト 海外旅行 

My In-Flight Skincare Routine + Travel Makeup Essentials! フライト スキンケア (飛行...

These are the skincare products which I am using now.

My sister loves making her own homemade toner (Keshou-sui in Japanese) The purpose of Japanese toner is different from what is in the USA. It’s not for removing makeup or dirt which your facial wash didn’t clean up, the Japanese toner is mainly for the moisturizing purpose. Japan have all sorts of toner: moisturizing one, skin whitening one, anti-aging one, astringent one and calming one☺️I often bought small mist spray every time I had to take a long flight to keep my face moisturized and I can easily refresh my skin, BUT I recently recognized most of the ingredients of toner is Water 💧 and I can easily make it once I study and research about homemade toner. It’s much cheaper and better for the environment too because I don’t need to buy facial mist spray often anymore. I always use glass tins or spray tins, because I avoid all plastic products as much as possible. This vegetable glycerin is one which I use for my homemade moisturizer and you can also moisture all over your body if you drop some to your hot bath 🛀 I also took vitamin C 500-1000mg, probiotic, and tranexamic acid 500-750mg before my long flight and then I also use UV and moisture rising cream(whatever is okay, and you don’t need to buy the same one like mine because all you need is to make sure to protect your skin by strong sunlight and super dry air drying long flight. So UV care and also any cream are enough 😊) 


それでも!やっぱり化粧前の拭き取りとかに、必要だから自分で作ることにしました。ベジタブルグリセリンは本当に色々使えて便利!旦那の全身カサカサがひどい時はお風呂にも入れます( ^ω^ )リッチに全身保湿できます。


海外旅行・ロングフライト前は、保湿ケア、UVケア、抗酸化のある栄養摂取🥕で、フライト後もモチモチの肌を保てるよ^_^試してみてね( ^ω^ )クリームは私のと同じじゃなくて、安いのでもブランド物でも油分があり保湿できれば基本何でもいいです💋



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