Monday, February 18, 2019

Homemade enzyme drink. Good for Youthful and beautiful skin. 酵素ジュースの効果

Easy Homemade Digestive Enzyme with Pineapple and Lemon

Many women try to buy skin creams 
and find out solutions for their skin problems.

But from all my experiences and trials
to heal pimples and also keep healthy skin,
I can say skin cream's effect is only 10 percents
and 90 percents of skin issues are
decided by your body condition.

I mean what you eat are the most important
for healthy skin and 
your colon health decides 
most of your skin conditions.
Your skin condition
shows the state of your intestines
and internal organs.

I don't know if I can explain well about this
to you in English, 
but I will try to explain here(・ω・)

The human body is a collection of cells.
Any small cells die unless they cannot
absorb nutrients and excrete toxins.
Therefore, if you are constipation,
it is clear that
it is a major cause of acne and rough skin.

Especially, in the life of modern people,
it's easy to take in additives from your food
and pollutants from polluted air.
When too many toxins are accumulated in your body you can't absorb good nutrients well.
So let's clean your intestines and
refresh your body before you try to buy
expensive skin cream or antiaging cream.

So what you can do to recover your colon
health and improve digestion of food?

1 Eat more fiber and enzyme-rich food
※I recommend psyllium husk supplements
or powders to add more fiber to your daily meals.
I buy this supplement from iHerb, but you can
find it on Amazon or drug store I guess.
2 Do more exercise.
Even 10 minutes Yoga has many benefits
for your mind and body.
Or simply walk outside for refresh.
Swimming, light running, pilates etc
Do what you like(⌒∇⌒)
3 Be more mindful and take time to
meditate yourself,
because stress and anxiety will
because of skin rashes and maldigestion.
 Plus multitask make you fat because
you can't pay attention to
what you eat and how much you eat.

I hope my bits of advice about skin health
will help you to keep your beauty and
good healthy.
I can also recommend coconuts oil
if you are searching for suitable
I use food grade coconuts oil
for my face, body, and hair.
(VEGAN-friendly and
natural antibacterial moisturizer )

I'll write more information
about how to beauty when I have time.

May tomorrow will be a good day for you(^▽^)/

Aimon produce
Healthy & simple homemade

Delicious Sweet Wine
Grape juice (I made by mixer) from organic grapes 500ml
Wine yeast (If you dont have bread yeast is okay) 3g
Manuka honey 50
    You can cut yeast if you can wait longer time.

Enzyme drink (ONLY cost 2 or 3 dollars!)
1 organic small apple
1 organic lemon (Please peel lemon skin)
Organic sugar 77g

How to make
   Wash fruits very well and cut.
   Put fruits into the jar (or glass bottle)and add sugar
   Shake well every day and wait until fermentation will be done.
(It will take 3 days to 1 week, up to room temperature.)
   Drink Enzyme drink with water and ice every day.
   Please keep Enzyme drink in the fridge after
all bubble disappear.
Its also good to drink with cider.

You can read more about the relationship between skin and gut.

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