Saturday, November 3, 2018

Digital detox. Why people depress? A solution for SNS addiction.

My husband recently told me 

"Honey, please be careful to use

Instagram so much, because I heard

many people depress because of SNS

and Instagram. People are so busy to

compare their lives to others and 

can't focus on their lives."

I really did't recognize about my 

addiction to social media like 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

But I recognized 

the number of likes from many people 

doesn't decide my value and 

my real life with my friends and family 

are more important than world online.

I stopped to waste my time to 

watch Instagram or care about comments 

so often after 

I recognized that SNS is addictive and 

also SNS never make me happy and calm down.

Please watch this video below 

if you think you tend to be addicted to

Instagram or Facebook.

I recommend you to take a rest from 

SNS if you tend to waste so many times 

everyday for that.

I'm sure you will feel better and 

more positive than before when

you use your SNS or mobile phone 

under your control(Less time for your phone!)

I can say it because I experienced that

I feel much better after I stopped caring about 

all SNS and I feel like 

I am enjoying my real life 

without control by other people.

I hope this post will change your mind 

to more positive direction for your life.

You deserve to be loved, 

to be yourself, to be happy without 

any people's praise.

God made you and you are only one.

Thank you for your visiting today here.


how social media is ruining your life.. and you don't even know it

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