Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Japanese make up tips and fashion Peach Peach Store coupon code, 渡辺直美 メイクアップ術

Naomi Watanabe’s Guide to Glitter Eyes and Bold Lips | Beauty Secrets | ...

I recently become a promoter of this store.

You can buy cute Japanese or Korean style dress here

in affordable price.

Their items are cute, but shipping is little bit slow

compared to amazon USA.

So I recommend you to remember about it

before you purchase seasonal items like winter jackets.

Please use my code  aimon (for 15% off of your purchase) 

Japanese fashion items online store
Peach Peach Store

Peach Peach Store Instagram

※I don't have any sponsor for my website 

so that I can write anything what I want here.

But I can also get some rewards from this store 

every five people's purchase, so 

thank you if you purchase items by using my promo 



日本風メイクアップ VS 欧米風メイクアップ :hearts: ビフォー&アフター 変身 :hearts: 可愛い or セクシー?:heart...


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