Friday, September 28, 2018

Vegan skin care Squalane (made from Squalene) effective facial oil

I think this is
the most comfy face oil ever. 

Squalane oil is absorbed quickly 
and is very lightweight
so it does not sticky like normal moisturizer do! 

In fact, Squalane
is even recommended for people
with oily skin 
because it helps prevent 
the production of excess oil 
on the face!
(It is non-comedogenic)

When you apply Squalane oil
to your skin, 
it protect our skin and hair 
as well as our natural sebum.

My husband has a sensitive skin and 
super dried skin, but he even doesn't 
recognize it when I apply some 
Squalane to his legs and massage his legs.

I love to bring Squalane 
to my long flight 
because air is super dried and 
damage both my hair and skin 
in air plane. 
This oil is wonderful because 
it doesn't leave me 
feeling greasy at all and 
easy to apply everywhere( no smell).

Squalane is a plant-based saturated oil,
so this oil is Vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

This oil is suitable for all skin type, and 
can be used for moisturizing cracked lips, 
eye-area dryness, prevent wrinkles, eczema,
anti-aging, dermatitis,
psoriasis(My husband has this
and Squalane really worked well!! Thanks!!),
antibacterial properties, dried hands and feet.
This oil is useful especially during winter(*'ω'*)

This oil is also perfect to moisture 
my damaged hair without stickiness!!
I apply very small amount to
damp or dry hair and distribute 
through my hair and at the end
to cover split ends. 
(You don't need to rinse.)

Both my skin and hair become 
soft and healthy only with this item!

I don't like use plants oil
to my hair during daytime
because it's too oily, but 
I use coconuts oil when
I do hair treatment in bathtub.
(I rinse after coconuts oil hair pack.)

I hope my information will be 
helpful for your growing skin and beauty(・ω・)

10 Ways to Use 100% Squalane Oil with Katey Denno | Sephora

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