Friday, September 28, 2018

Insatiable on Netflix, starring Debby Ryan

I recently watched Season 1 
of Insatiable on Netflix.
This show becomes already
controversial and 
some people seem to hate
this show so much.

But I love this show so much, 
because I feel like 
this show shows many real 
aspect of humanity and beauty of life.

I was really fat when 
I was a high school student,
and I also experienced eating disorder.
I lose my weight more than 20 kg
before I went to my college in Yokohama.
Then, I understand how people around me
react differently and how it changed my life.

I don't think this dark comedy show 
promote bullying and eating disorder at all.
If Insatiable promotes "Body-shaming" 
or eating disorder of teenager,
I believe American junk food company 
and fashion magazine company 
should be accused about it than 
this show.

Though everyone praise thin model 
in media, why people can accuse 
only this TV show which 
focused on the issue?

I hope I can watch season 2 soon.

Insatiable | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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