Friday, August 17, 2018

Plastics are harmful both for you and environment.


I strongly recommend you 
to drink hot coffee 
in  glass or stainless mag cups 
and avoid paper cups and plastic cups,
if you don't wanna be fat.
Many people think it's safe 
to use BPA free plastic bottle,
but only BPA isn't a harmful 
substance in the plastic bottle.
(Obesogen is also bad elements for you.
I'll explain later in this page.)

Please stay away 
from plastic as much as possible 
and please reduce your consume of plastic daily. 
I tried to reduce my consume of plastic 
and needless purchases of fast fashion clothes recently. 
And I think I feel much better and become healthier, 
that’s why I wanna recommend this life style to everyone. 

Eating green apple also make your teeth crystal clean without harsh cleanser or 
chemical based tooth whitening. 
tooth whitening paste 
often include micro plastic😰😰😰 
When you take out hot drink from store, 
the paper cup also includes plastic inside, 
which was laminate processed, 
so it’s not healthy coffee anymore 
and you are wasting your money
 to buy unhealthy drink 😐
and the paper cups, straws, and lids 
are all harmful for ocean and land. 
There are nothing good 
to buy bottled water or plastic cup drink. 
Please stay away from plastics
and bring your own bottle everywhere.
If you can’t believe what I said here, 

please check the video below,
because the doctor will explain well.

※What is Obesogen?
Obesogens are chemicals 
that stimulate 
fat cell production and storage. 
They simply make us fat and unhealthy.
They also disrupt normal development 
and balance of our metabolism.
Many kinds of plastics include obesogen
and also other chemicals which
human can't digest properly.(´;ω;`)

How to avoid plastics in your life 
  1. Use glass or stainless steel to preserve your food.
  2. Bring your own bottle to your favorite coffee shop.
  3. Stop buying bottled water and buy good water filter at home
  4. Don't use straws as much as possible.
  5. Quit saran wrap. I can do this, so you can do this too.
  6. Cook and warm up food by pan or pot than microwave.
  7. Please avoid cheap plastic toys for your precious kids.
  8. If using plastic, choose BPA-free and BPS free.
  9. Bring your eco bag and always choose paper bags which are recyclable.
  10. Eat green vegetables everyday so that you can detox toxins because of plastics you used in your life.
  11. Check your shower curtain is safe or not.
More info about obesogens(; ・`д・´)

Dangers Of Plastic Water Bottles

What really happens to the plastic you throw away - Emma Bryce

What is OBESOGEN? What does OBESOGEN mean? OBESOGEN meaning, definition ...

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