Friday, July 13, 2018

Why you need to eat snacks between meals to lose weight?

1 Chewing well, 

2 taking sweets between meals
  (but not salty snacks!)

By using these two methods, 

you can prevent overeating.

Japanese girls love sweets so much.
But they don't gain weight at all.
Simple Japanese rice cakes are
really popular in Japan.
I ate them almost everyday in Japan.
(I love SAKURA mochi especially.)

As Japanese sweets are digested 
quickly and becomes your energy,
they don't remain in your body as a fat.
Plus, moderate amount of sweets
will satisfy people's brain and
remove fatigue from your body.

My favorite sweets are
Japanese sweets(rice cakes and mochi), 
high quality chocolate, 
sweet red beans paste, 
rice cakes(salt-free rice crackers) and so on.
Bananas turn into your energy 
immediately, so they are also nice snacks.

Please choose low-sodium protein bars
when you buy protein bars for your workout.
I usually buy Soyjoy from Amazon, or
salt-free brown rice cakes from Sprouts.

Please try(⌒∇⌒)

I miss Sakura mochi ( ノД`)シクシク…

EASY VEGAN SNACKS » for after school & work (rice cakes part 1)

※Please don't eat the leaves of Sakura mochi because
they include salt(・ω・)

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