Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Why I eat sweet corns and raw corns often. Natural

My purpose of this blog 
is to introduce 
how to lose weight
easily and in healthy way.

I wanna mention about
sweet corns today because 
I know sweet corns 
which cooked without salt or
raw sweet corns give you tons of benefits.
Luckily sweet corns in USA 
are also very cheap.

I eat raw sweet corns often and 
they taste really fresh and very yummy!
My family also love sweet corns when
I steam or boil them.
My family also love 
steamed rice with sweet corns.

Korean people drink corn tea.

Why Japanese and Korean 
love sweet corns so much?

because we know sweet corns 
has a detox effects and 
they flush out extra water 
from our body, so
effective for swelling 
and improvement of healthy digestive system.

Main benefits of sweet corns.
1 Sweet corns contain abundant potassium .
Potassium is a nutrient 
that help your body 
to release sodium
and preventing high blood pressure.   
There are many opportunities to cook boiled corn and baked corn with salt and soy sauce in Japan, so the potassium effects of corns are important. But you can eat  sweet corns without any topping or you can squeeze lemon just as a flavor.
2 Sweet corns includes vitamin E. 
Vitamin E has strong 
antioxidant effects 
and anti-aging effect.
3 Sweet corns is good for dancers and athlete.
Nutrients in sweet corns 
also make your muscles 
work well, 
so you can expect 
to maintain your flexibility 
and stamina by eating sweet corns.

Easy to cook and eat, plus healthy(^▽^)/
so I love sweet corns as well as bananas.
Please make sure to buy non-GMO
and organic corns and wash them well.


1  Salt may make food look better:

    sodium free food will make you look better!

2  Salty food might taste delicious:

    low-sodium diet will make you feel better!

3 Sodium and sugar make food keep longer:

    A reduction of them lets you live longer. 
   (Please use more vinegar and no salt added products)


We can do this together.


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