Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rice is good for you(⌒∇⌒)

I know media always advertise

you should cut carbohydrate, eat more protein,

cut calories, do more exercise, and take supplements

to burn your fat efficiently...etc

But there are so many lies in madia's information.

Plus they just want to sell you something like

protein shake, fitness wears, or suspicious diet supplement.

If media is right, I wonder why so many people are

suffering from obesity or why so many women are

struggling to lose weight in USA.

I guess this is because commercial diet food never work

and popular diet also don't work for many people.

(I don't recommend keto diet and low GI diet,
because too much fat and protein are harmful
to your digestive system and will become cause of constipation.)

I don't write my blog for money and

I'm not going to sell anything to you,

because my blog is just my hobby and not for business.

First of all, if you really wanna lose weight in healthy way

abandon all your diet food and protein shake in your stock.

This is because most of the case protein bars

and diet shake include artificial additive and

too much processed protein which are difficult to digest.

It's simply bad for your kidney and liver.

I guess maybe you already know about this

subconsciously, because

so called healthy bars or protein shake taste weird.

Your body know it's not natural food and artificial.

You need to eat good quality carbohydrate.

Rice is one of the healthiest choice and

especially white rice is easy digest.

It becomes clean energy for your brain,

and your craving for food, irritation, fatigue

will be stopped.

I also recommend bananas for everyone

as a clean and healthy energy for brain and body.

Let's eat more rice rather than noodles and bread.

By eating rice your brain will work properly.

Human brain is the command tower of all cells of the body.

By supplying glucose to your brain

your brain will function normally and stop overeating.

I healed my anorexia and bulimia by eating

traditional Japanese food three times a day

when I was teenager.

In my experience, rice is truly good for you and

it's good to eat white rice with some vegetables and fish together

to keep your nutritious balance.

I hope this help you to think over again about

your high protein diet or image of white rice(o^―^o)

If you are the person who are suffering from

eating disorder, please give me message.

I can consult with you for free.

This is my volunteer for other people so

I don't have a interest to earn money

and I don't intend to sell anything to anyone.

or you can post comment below.

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The Secret Benefits Of Rice That You NEED to Know

If you still wanna protein bar, I recommend his recipe.
Please cut SALT because all food naturally include some sodium
which is enough for you.

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