Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What is Konnyaku, Devil's tongue? How to use Konnyaku.

Many people here 
have no idea 
how they can eat Konnyuaku,
although it has tons of health benefits 
and effective to lose weight.

So I wanna introduce 
how you can cook it here(o^―^o)

How to remove the smell of Konnyaku.
(without using salt!)
1 Cut Konnyaku into small pieces.
2 Put them into small plastic bag
   with three table of sugar and 
   rub well for 2-3 minutes.
   (at least 5g sugar per 100g Konnyaku)
   Throw away the water inside of bag,
   then rinse Konnyaku well.
   ※Sugar absorb the water
  inside of Konnyaku
   and remove the special smell of them.
 You don’t need to worry 
 about how much amount 
 of sugar you use because 
   you dump the water eventually.
   This way is secret tip of cooking.
3  If you still wanna remove 
   the special aroma of 
 Konnyaku completely
   before you cook them, 
   you can still boil 
   Konnyaku in hot water.
   I boiled Konnyaku 
   with sake or white wine.
   Please don't boil 
   Konnyaku too long,
   because it make them 
   more firm and decrease 
   the inside minerals of Konnyaku.
   (Konnyaku includes 
    calcium and ceramides.
    Ceramides keep your skin 
    moisture and supple.)
   Rinse well with water after boiling.

After pre-cooking 
1 You can cook Konnyaku 
   with many vegetable 
   and Japanese Dashi soup
   and small amount of soy source.
2 Chop Konnyaku into 
   very small pieces and 
   then fried with rice 
   to reduce the intake of carbs.
3 Use Itokonnyaku
   (noodle-style Konnyaku)
   instead of pasta or rice noodles.
   Konnyaku is almost 0 calories 
   and no sodium itself.
4 Soak Konnyaku 
  into black coffee or 
  sweetened coffee 
  over night and make 
  Konnyaku coffee jelly 
  by yourself. 
  Your favorite juice or sweet syrups are
  also useful to make Konnyaku jelly.

  Or you can make warabimochi by 
  using Konnyaku instead of mochi.

※ You can buy Konnyaku jelly from Amazon 
      if you are too lazy to cook Konnyaku.
      It might be pricey but I think
      it is delicious and healthy.

My favorite way of cooking. I stew Konnyaku with Dashi and
use minimum amount of soy source.

Secret Golden rule of diet.
If you really really wanna
lose weight, 
you should care about 
how much sodium 
you intake 
than how much calories 
you intake everyday.
Calories burn out easily
in your body 
no matter what 
activity you do daily,
but sodium accumulate 
water and fat
in your body. 
Please remember this 
and don't waste
your money for stupid diet products
which has no effect but expensive.

It's good to eat some Konnyaku 
before your meals to fill your stamach
with Konnyaku's fiver.
Konnyaku is also delicious and 
fun texture(⌒∇⌒)

What is the benefits of Konnyaku?
People call Konnyaku "innohouki"-
(胃のほうき broom of the body)
because it has a great detox effects
and remove bad substances 
from your intestines.
  • Konnyaku cleanses your stomach and intestines.
  • Konnyaku will lower your cholesterol, blood sugar level.
  • Konnyaku's ceramide moisturizes your hair and skin.
  • Eating konnyaku makes you feel full without taking calories.
  • Konnyaku is super healthy traditional food in Japan,so it's much safer than suspicious diet pills.
  • You can buy Konnyaku for cheap at Asian supermarket in USA.

  • Konnyaku is more delicious when you cook with meats or Tofu etc.

If you wanna know
more about Konnyaku,
you can jump to this HP.

I remember 
my older sister and I
fought over spicy Konnyaku
when we were small,
because both of us love it!
My mom cooked 
Konnyaku often
for our health and 
she also put Konnyaku 
into Oden おでん.

Spicy Konnyaku- ピリ辛こんにゃく

I hope my article help you to understand
what is Konnyaku and 
how to use it.
Please cook Oden or Nimono
if you can have time to cook,
I hope you love it(*^-^*)

Hasta la vista(^^♪

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