Saturday, May 5, 2018

Why white rice is staple diet in Japan? Because it's simply good for you.

Many health conscious people say 

"Brown rice is better to intake all nutrients and 

 healthier than white rice."

I wanna ask the doctors or the nutricionists

"So why most of Asian counties staple diet is 

white rice and not brown rice?" 

I guess if there are more benefits than demerits 

about eating brown rice in the human history,

maybe people didn't start to polish rice!

It was actually already invented BC 350,

although white rice was only for special people(貴族)

in those days.

I don't deny about the nutrientious benefits of 

brown rice and it's lower GI food, but

brown rice also contains Abscisic Acid

(which is basically poison for your body),arsenic,

and remained agricultural chemicals.

I sometimes eat brown rice but not everyday 

because it's too much work for my digestive organs

to break down brown rice everyday. 

If you wanna eat brown rice 

you need to soak them for a long time to

minimize the poisons(発芽毒, germination poisons) 

in brown rice and wash them many times. 

Plus you need to steam them for two times longer 

than white rice. 

YES! It is very troublesome(*'ω'*)

Japanese eat white rice with many vegetables

and fishes everyday, and it's rare to eat 

brown rice or sticky rice.(Only when special occasion)

People know instinctively 

white rice is easier to digest and give them 

more enough energy and nutrients than

brown rice eventually.

I like brown rice taste, so I sometimes 

order brown rice in vegetarian restaurant in USA,

but I don't steam brown rice at home and 

I eat Japanese rice or Jasmine rice at home

because I know I feel better when I eat white rice.

Many people also told me 

white rice taste better too.

If you wanna lose weight,

I recommend you to eat white rice at first 

by chewing well so that they will digest completely

in your body and recover your brain functions 

including an appetite center. 

And when your body

become enough healthy 

to eat brown rice sometimes

you can intake brown rice 

so that the rich fivers and vitamins

will give you good effects on your body.


I don't recommend you to eat brown rice

when your body is sick or you feel tired,

because all nutrients in brown rice will not 

absorb into your body properly. 

And in worse case you will have just indigestion.

This person explains well about 

why white rice is okay to eat and it's healthy food 

which is clean energy for body.

So if you still feel doubt about what I say here 

please check this video.


Have a good night(⌒∇⌒)

Why I Eat White Rice?! Unhealthy Diet?

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