Sunday, May 6, 2018

What can you do after you ate too much salty food?

I already told you before
salt make you fat and 
salt make your face bigger(puffy).

But I know you sometimes 
took too much salt by mistake
because many people 
must go social event
and restaurant also tend to 
serve too much salty food.
So it can't helpful you sometimes 
consumed too much sodium.
Don't worry I'll let you know correct information
how to remove excess salt from your body.
Remember if you are model or ballet dancer,
eating too much salty food everyday will 
snatch away your job someday
because salt make your body muscle tight
and bring many skin problems too
if you take it too much.
(Of course human body need moderate sodium 
to keep your healthy blood pressure level)

Anyway I need to 
write most important information now..

How to remove excess salt from your body.
1  Drink purified water a lot 
    Just drinking water a lot is very effective to
    flash away excess sodium from your body
2  Drink some tea or coffee
   These drinks have a diuretic effect because 
   both coffee and tea include caffeine.
   But don't put milk.
3 Intake citric acid
  Citric acid (sour food like lemon, orange,vinegar)
  help kidney function, 
  so it's also effective to
  remove swelling and 
  excess water from your body
  because of salt.
4 Take some potassium rich foods or supplements
  As potassium levels in your body increase,
  sodium levels decrease and vice versa.
  You can utilize this body function to
  help remove excess sodium from your body. 
  Banana, avocado, Lemon water, coconuts water,  
  Tart Cherry are recommendable to consume 
  potassium. Tart Cherry juice includes both
  rich of natural potassium and melatonin, so
  you can remove salt from your body during
  you sleep deeply at night.
  (Killing insomnia and
 puffy face with Tart Cherry juice!)
5 Take salt bath
  Dense salt water remove 
  excess water and sodium
  from your body effectively
  and salt water bath also 
  good for detox body wastes.
  Don't be stingy to keep your beauty.
  Put 1-2 cup of salt into your bath
  and soak yourself for at least 15 minutes.
  This is also effective to remove 
  your back pimples by cleaning your body(o^―^o)
  If you don't have enough salt at home
  just taking bath is also better than nothing.
  You can also use baking soda or epsom salt.
6 Refrain noodles and breads for a while
   You should remember breads always 
   include too much salt, so 
   I don't recommend you to eat them often.
   Most of noodle also include sodium but 
   problem is you can't taste it!
7 Try to mix Job's tears (coixseed, adlay,barley)
   when you steam rice or use red beans
   Both adlay and red beans are medicine 
   in Japan to remove swelling from your body.
   You can also make red beans coffee by roasting
   them as well as you do with coffee beans. 
   My friend lost more than 15 kg by drinking 
   red beans coffee every morning in stead of 
   normal coffee☺ We call it 小豆コーヒー.
   Red beans make you slim, 
   so ancient noble women 
   refrained red beans 
   because the chubby women
   are more popular around 8C-12C Heian Era.
   Job's tear also do good job to remove 
   sodium from your body. 

Please check below if you wanna know about 
Job's tear usage in Asia countries

   I took Job's tear powder to improve
   my skin problems, 
   and it helped me a lot.hehe
   It make your skin 
   whiter and eliminate your acne.
 (ヨクイニン 薏苡仁 
     coix seed; coicis semen powder)

I introduced 7 ways to remove sodium 
from your body today.
Please remember the best way to remove
excess sodium is also trying to avoid salty food
as much as possible next day.
Please don't buy breads and also chips for a white.
I hope my info will be useful for you.

Sweet dream(^▽^)/

Artichokes are also traditional medicine 
for many centuries because of
the diuretic effect. I love artichokes!! 
They are soooo good with white wine for me.

Benefits and Risks of Salt Consumption

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