Friday, May 18, 2018

Eat healthy fat to prevent dried skin,wrinkles, cracked lip.

If you feel dried hands 
no matter how many times 
you apply hand creams on your hands,
your body might be lack of inner moisture.
It's important to use day cream and night cream
for your face, but your skin also need 
various nutrients from inner body.

Nutrients for dried skin. 
1 Protein   
To produce NMF=natural moisturizing factor
2 Omega-3 fatty acid, EPA, DHA, α‐linolenic acids
Good  quality fat become ingredients of
hormone and cellular membrane
3 Vitamin A (Retinol, beta-carotene)
To keep moisturize of your skin.
Beta-carotene has also function of
antioxidant function.
4 Vitamin B
B2 and B6 are especially important for
your deep sleep and 
preventing dried skin and pimples.
5 Vitamin E
Vitamin E is called "Rejuvenation vitamin"
in Japan.
It strengthens skin barrier function
and it improve blood circulation.
My cousin-in-law also told me
she uses Vitamin E capsules for 
her skin care.(She looks very young!)
6 Vitamin C
This is the essential water-soluble vitamin
for beauty skin and also strong immune system.
Vitamin C decomposes active oxygen in your body
to prevent damage to our skin and 
strengthen your blood vessels.
7 Zinc
Your skin and hair are made from proteins.
Zinc promote protein and Vitamin A 
metabolism(digestion) and 
Zinc improves improve your skin and hair troubles.

To intake all the nutrients of this lists,
I ask my husband 
to take me to Sushi restaurant
when I feel dried skin,
because I need to eat fresh fishes.
I also try to eat avocados, almonds, 
pumpkin seeds, fresh fruits, vegetables etc.
Making kale smoothie with berries and banana
is also easy way to intake good quality of
skin care nutrients.
But you still need to feed yourself with
good quality of oil.(Not fast food fat!!)

Please try to eat avocado toasts 
with poached eggs and salad 
as a first step for beautiful skin(^▽^)/
It's so yummy!

Caffeine contained in coffee and coke. 
It will delay the metabolism of the skin 
by destroying the antioxidant vitamin C.
I'm coffee lover, so I need more vitamin C
than normal people who doesn't drink coffee.
So please remember you need extra Vitamin C
if you are tea or coffee lover. 

What to Eat For Dry Skin
 | Skin Care Tips | Healthy Living

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