Wednesday, April 4, 2018

No butter no milk no eggs SUPER HEALTHY YUMMY BANANA CAKE☺

I recently baked banana muffins at home
without butter, milk, and eggs.
I arranged the recipe in Cookpad(Japanese biggest
cooking recipe Website) and 
it was very delicious unexpectedly.
Here is the original recipe.
So I wanna write down the recipe as my memorandum here.

I recommended this recipe to my friends and 
they also said the cake was very delicious and
they could bake it successfully without many efforts.
I think this recipe is quite simple and easy for everybody☺

I baked the cake in muffin cups because I wanna froze them to eat them as my daily breakfast. 
Muffins cups are recommendable because you don't need to cut the cake every time your family want to eat and also easy to bite too(⌒∇⌒)
You can bake muffins in shorter time in oven too.

Banana soy milk sponge cake 
・2 bananas (ripen one is the best)
・pancake mix powder 200g
・Soymilk 100 cc
・peanuts butter one table spoon
 (You can also use maple syrup or honey too)
・water one table spoon

①Crush bananas and add peanuts butter and soy milk and water there.
②Mix well with pancake mix powder. 
(Please filter out the powder if you have a time or shake the powder in the vinyl bag to make more fluffy cake)
③ Pour the dough into the cake pan.
④ Bake for 30 minutes in preheated oven at       180℃. (360 F for 30 minutes)
  ※ If you use muffin cups bake for 20 minutes.

This cake isn't too sweet and you can taste the natural deliciousness from all ingredients.
You can add some olive oil and sugar if you wanna make more rich taste cake. It's up to you.

This photo is my version.
His recipe is also good!
Vegan banana breads

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