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Is the keto diet Alicia Vikander practiced safe or not? The danger of low carbohydrate diet.

I recently wrote article about Alicia Vinkander,
for I was working as a writer in Japan.

(※ Here is my article. It was written in Japanese.

When I was studying about how she built her body for new film
"Tomb Raider" with her personal trainer Magnus Lygdback,
I recognized it must be dangerous if normal people want to mimic their way.

So I want to write down something here.

I know all women had a desire to become more beautiful and
recent trend is becoming more skinny and toned.
But do you think there is still meaning to lose weight even
it will harm your health and inside organs in your body?
I want you to ask yourself why you want to lose weight at first.
Then I guess because many people wanna lose weight to become healthier.

From a conclusion, low carbohydrate diet (Keto diet) is harmful
to your brain, kidney, and liver. Plus people will be rebound their weight
even if they succeed to lose weight temporarily.

Why I  can say so?

Because first of all, Alicia Vinkander herself mentioned her body
become same as before within three weeks after she quit
keto diet and weight training. I also think she herself knows this is not
normal diet for her and it's also not healthy, so she went back to her normal diet after shooting and she looks healthier and attractive than in the movie for me in her interview video after "Tomb Raider" opened to public.
Alicia was a ballet dancer before she became an actress,
so I also guess she can stand hard workout but also
she knows proper way to keep in fit by healthy way.
So she just practiced strict
keto diet only for very short term (1 month) and it is for her role in the movie.
So it's absolutely not good diet method to practice for a long time for normal people to lose weight even if it's effective to decrease the number of your weight, please remember it's just number and it's not show how you are healthy or beautiful too.

Here is the side effects reported about Keto diet.
1 urinary frequency
2 Tiredness, dizzyness more likely to occur
3 Hypoglycemia
4 Headache
5 Constipation
6 Symptoms of diarrhea
7 Withdrawal symptoms due to insufficient sugar (carbohydrate) content
8 Muscle cramps
9 Sleep disorder, insomnia
10 Palpitation in the middle of the night, excess heart beats
11 Hair falls out, hair damage
12 The body odor become bad
13 Liver disorder, kidney disorder
14 Blocked blood vessels
15 The skin might be darken, pimples
16 depression

I don't wanna damage my brain, so I don't wanna practice keto diet.
I was fascinated when I saw the Alicia's six packs in the film and
I think it's cool to have such a solid muscle.
But as you know there are many other way to keep in fit
and eat healthier. Maybe just cooking at home make you healthier.
Or you can make a green smoothie in the morning if you are busy everyday.

As a Japanese, I'm sure rice is indispensable carbohydrate for me.
In media many articles say "white rice has no nutritious value,
white bread will make your fat, you don't need carbohydrate because
you can intake calories from protein and fat...etc"
But all of them above is false I can say so clearly.
The protein shake or protein bar in the supermarket might include 
more harmful additive and also too much protein also hurt your liver.
White rice has also various nutrient with good balance and 
it's also clean energy which doesn't produce cinders in your body.
Steamed rice at home is also perfect carbohydrate without any additives, 
because  rice can cook only with water!
I myself practice high carbohydrate diet for a long time and
I feel much better than before and even feel younger than when I was a teen.
(I'm now 30.)
You shouldn't skip carbohydrate because without d-glucose( from rice, breads, potatoes, noodle etc ) your brain can't work well.
And if your brain doesn't work properly, your brain can't send correct order to your body. So if you cut clean energy( rice, carb) your nerve will start to be out of order and it doesn't make sense even if you eat rich nutritious food like high protein and vitamins without essential element carbohydrate because your body can't use the nutrients correctly without normal brain function.

I wanna write this message so that people can know carbohydrate isn't bad for you and it's very very important nutrient for your brain.
I experienced anorexia and bulimia when I was a junior student,
and my mother gave me steamed white rice and well balanced side menu (small portion of fish or meats and vegetable) everyday so that I can eat properly.
I couldn't eat even one rice cake when I was an anorexia because I'm afraid of
increasing my weight and I remember I only ate edamame and cucumber etc..
But it became the cause of bulimia later after my weight became under 27kg!
When I recall the time now, I still feel sorry to my mom because
I feel she must be sad when she saw I was so skinny and can't stop eating.
When I became bulimia, I remember I was hungry no matter how I ate.
Because it was a scream from my brain to order me to eat more to survive.
My mother read many medical treatment books and nutrient books for me,
and she concluded traditional Japanese meals with steamed rice must be
good treatment to heal my broken brain condition.
She also try to feed me f fresh fruits and fishes often more than meats,
because she knows it's good source of vitamin C and B, and minerals(especially zinc) too.
I recovered my eating disorder within few months, although it was really hard time for me and my mom too. I'm now living in California with my American husband and my mom is living in Japan, but I still appreciate her a lot all about her affections which she gave to me when I was a teen even though I wasn't a good daughter. (I guess I am a good one now.hehe)
But now I know what is healthy diet to keep me young and feel very good everyday and what I should be avoid because of my mistake in my past,
so it was a good bitter experience for me eventually.

※The idea of eating simply and recovering your eating disorder was invented fist
by Suzuki Sonoko, so please check this book if you want to learn more about
this method. Books are written in Japanese.

※You can also read Suzuki Sonoko history in this page by using google transtarion

I'm now pesctarian (I usually take proteins from soy.) and
I eat veggies and fruits a lot everyday and
eat Japanese rice too. So my diet is really high carbohydrate.
I also eat sweets moderately and drink green smoothie. (Yes, it's also high carb.)
I also love dairy free ice cream too, although I try to be careful not to
eat food additives and also too much saturated fat.
You can judge me if what I say here is true or not
by checking me in Instagram.
There are some recipe and my home made food information.

Thank you so much for your time to read all my long article today.
I pray you can keep your health and good mind for your family everyday
by eating properly. The diet which make you irritated or dizzy isn't healthy and bad mental condition will also give negative effect to your human relationship.
So please be careful and don't trust what media says because the media information are always biased by food company and popular trends etc.
I don't wanna sell anything to you and I just wrote down my personal honest opinion here, so I hope my message will be useful to somebody somewhere.
If you wanna ask a question to me, please leave your comments below(⌒∇⌒)

Typical example of simple Japanese meal for healthy brain function treatment.

Diet Debunked: The Ketogenic Diet

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