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白湯ダイエット SAYU DIET Japanese girl secret way to lose weight only by using hot water!!

If you are a college student who has not much money
but also want to be slim and beautiful like celebrity people, I highly recommend Sayu Diet to you.
I think most of women has same experience like this.

You go to shopping mall and find really really pretty outfit which is the same famous model wears, and 
you regret after you purchase it and wear it again at your home. Just losing weight to ideal weight make you look better than buying a lot of obsolescence dresses. It's also true media and famous fashion company utilize your inferiority or impulse buying to make a profit every monthes by changing trends.
I studied how to manipulate human desire and how to 
lead people to purchase in my ex workplace 
when I was a seller, so I guess it's true for some extend.

Nowadays you are nobody without fashionable clothes,
big houses, nice cars, good restaurants....
medias brainwash you like this everyday, so need to resist their manupulation('ω')
Consuming staffs will not make you happy or
satisfied completely eventually.
I believe all girls can be beautiful and healthy without 
luxuries, no matter how present situation is bad.lol

Here is very simple but effective method.

Let me explain about Hakuyu Diet (Warm water Diet).
~How to drink hot water to lose weight.
① Boil water for 5-10 minutes so that 
      water can become softer and easy to absorb into
       your body.
② Let it cool down. 50 to 60 degree are                          ideal  temperature, but you can drink hotter water
      too. But please make sure it is hotter at least than
      your body temperature.
③ Drink the hot water 700 to 1000 ml everyday.
      In take of water is different from person to
      person, so please start to drink hot water little by


You can add a slice of lemon or ginger to the water 
during boiling the water if you want, but 
please don't drink lemon water before sleep
because it might damage your teeth and stomach.

What is the benefits of drinking hot water(Sayu 白湯)? 

 Lose Weight, Promote Digestion, Detoxify Your Body,Improve Blood Circulation , Anti-aging

Ease Constipation, Promote Healthy Nervous System, Promote Bowel Movement, Maintain Healthy Skin, Improve Hair Health and Vitality, Prevent Dandruff, Promote Nail Growth,Relieve Coughs, Comfort Arthritis,  Natural Remedy for Coughs and A Sour Throat,Aid in Diminishing Menstrual Cramps,Body detoxification,  
Prevents Acne and Pimples
(Sayu cleanse your body deeply and exclude the acne-related infections from your skin)

Besides,  in my  case I  become deep sleeper after 
I get used to drinking hot water during day time.
So I feel like I feel less stress and can think clearly before (^▽^)/

Because Sayu(Hot Water) method was so good on me, I wanna recommend you this diet, but
please don't drinking too much water everyday!!
It might make you skinny but as you know 
too much us as bad as too little"(-""-)"
So please listen your inner body voice when 
you introduce drinking hot water gradually.

Have a lovely day and thank you for your reading!

★The Many Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

 ★10 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

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