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How to maximize the effect of your facial steamer. Let's get smooth and soft skin.

It has been popular to buy facial steamers in Japan
for foreign people, 
especially I often see Chinese and American people buy Panasonic beauty products in Yodobashi Camera.

But I guess many people don't know how to
use facial steamer properly.
Just steaming your face will dry up your skin and
maybe become cause of wrinkles and acnes.
So what should you do? 
Don't worry I'll explain how to use it and maximize the effect
as if you went to the beauty salon.
Even if you don't have facial steamers from Japan, 
don't worry, for the effects will not so different 
if you can steam your face and open pores on your face.
Steams itself has healing effect, like killing bad bacteria and 
improving circulation of blood. 
Roman people used it as their medical treatment since long time ago.hehe 
I also use American facial steamer right now, because
I gave my Panasonic facial steamer to my mom when
I move to USA.
I think Panasonic one was easier to use and safer to use,
but the American one is still useful and much
Anyway please read many reviews when you purchase one(o^―^o)
Let's get down to the main topic.

How to utilize your facial steamer for your skin care.
1 First you need to make sure water tank is clean and 
   there is no chemical or dust inside, because 
   you will just steam your face with contaminated water 
   if the inside isn't enough clean.
   My way to make sure this is cleaning with citric acid or
  turn on the steamer for a while before use if you use 
 new products or if you didn't use it for a long time.

2 Steam your face during you are cleansing your make up or
   Steam your face for about 3 to 5 minutes before you apply
   your cleanser on your face. Then massage GENTLY 
  your face as steaming your face at the same time.
  This is effective to remove dead skin and all bad wastes from
  your facial skin. Your skin can breath and also absorb 
 essential nutrients from facial moisturizer later by removing 
 extra staffs from your face.

3 Wash away the cleanser from your face with warm water
  so that you can make sure the pores are still open.

4 Wipe your face with facial toner gently with cotton.
  This make sure you will not leave any cleanser on your face 
   which will become cause of skin trouble.
You can also use rose water, facial moisturizer, 
   Japanese facial moisturize water (化粧水),  etc.
   My favorite is 豆乳イソフラボン化粧水.  
  (NAMERAKA Sona isoflavone Lotion/Moisturizer)
   You can find it in Amazon or Mituwa super.
   Kikumasamune Sake Skin Lotion High moisture is
   also very good and best seller both in Japan and USA.

5 You can apply facial mask and steam face again as waiting 
   for 5- 10 minutes. (This is the most effective way to get
   softer and healthier skin like a salon.)
   If you don't have time you can just
  apply facial lotion or facial cream to keep moisture inside of skin.
  Rosehip oil, horse oil, eye cream, beauty serum, essential oil etc
  are also good as a finishing care. And steam face 1-2 minutes
  so that the moisturizer nutrients can penetrate deep into skin.

6 I always take one tissue paper to tissue off my face to
   remove extra oil and avoid sticky feeling. 
   Apply mist spray for cooling down or just use water spray 
   one time, then tissue off is also recommendable.
   It's okay to remove extra moisturizer later by tissue off,
   because the essential nutrients already went into your skin.

※Having normal water mist spray is also very recommendable.
   I change inside water every morning and use the spray
  both during cooking to bake something fluffy and during
  skin care to cool down and refresh skin by cold water.

5 You can feel plum skin rich in springiness, elasticity, and softness on the following morning. I recommend you to wash only by water in the morning or you can massage your face with lotion, then wash away instead of using facial wash. (In Japan, we call it 乳液洗顔,
facial wash by using facial lotion)
This help your dried skin to recover from malnutrition. But please use facial wash to wash your face in the morning and do normal skin care routine if you have acne skin or oily skin.

I hope my DIY will be helpful for you.

Please treat your skin as if it is tofu.
By doing so you can have a whiter and softer skin like tofu (*^-^*)

Thank you for your reading.
I hope that my bad English can be understandable<(_ _)>

If you have many pimples, you can apply tea tree oil or
Benzoyl Peroxide Gel AFTER TISSUE OFF. So last stage of 
your skin care you can apply acne medication.
You can find Benzoyl Peroxide in Safeway and it's very cheap
but it will work for most of people.

Hydrating Home Facial with Panasonic Ionic Facial Steamer EH-SA31

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