Friday, March 23, 2018

How to make a cake only with ice cream and pancake mix('ω')

Ice cream already include milk, sugar, and other creamy staffs.
So Japanese people sometimes use ice cream when
they make muffins, cookies, and a sponge cake
because they don't need to collect many ingredients
and they can bake a cake and muffins without using butter.
Butter is expensive actually in Japan('_')
These cakes are much lighter taste than ordinal one
and lower calories too. And easy to make without failing!!
I like to put some bananas and dried fruits.

Please try if you have remained ice creams in fridge
and pancake mix at home.
If you are lactose intolerance, you  can use daily free
ice cream too.
Please give me comments if you try it or 
have something recommendable to me.hehe

How to make muffins with ice cream and pancake mix powder. 


Vanilla ice cream 200g (Other flavor is also okay)

Pan cake mix 150g

How to make a sponge cake with ice cream, pan cake powder, and an egg.


Vanilla ice cream 200g (Other flavor is also okay)
Pan cake mix 150g
one fresh egg

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