Thursday, January 18, 2018

Too much soy sauce make you fat!! How to reduce intake of sodium

 American people often think sushi is very healthy food for them.

 It’s surely true that fresh fish oil is rich of DHA and EPA, and

these nutriments are good for your brain.

 So sushi might be good to protect your heart, maintain hormone balance,

boost metabolism, prevent cancer, and improve your blood circulation.

(Fish oil doesn't clog your blood vessel like animal fat.)

But do you know there are proper way to eat sushi in Japan?

This way is also essential to make sure you stay in fit like slim Japanese women.

I guess most of Japanese women know about this and they are careful about this.

My mother always scold me when I put it too much on food.

Only things you must be careful in Japanese restaurant is 
the intake of soy sauce. 

It’s also better for your health and insulin level control 

if you can drink Japanese green tea during your meal.

Even one cup of green tea after meal have

many good effects on your body.   

Green tea also clean up your mouth and

keep your mouth smell good. 

Anyway I wanna emphasis again

you shouldn't put too much soy sauce on your sushi.

If you watch people carefully, many Japanese people eat sushi

by their hands and they put very small amount of soy sauce on

the edge of their sushi.

On the contrary, many American people or

Mexican people here in USA loooooove soy sauce so much

and they pour soy sauce on the top of their food

as if it is a dressing for salad.

Salt make your body swollen and 
help you accumulate water and fat inside of your body.
It's sure that salt is essential mineral for human body

and it also help body keep warm during winter.

But don't worry because nowadays most of people
overtake sodium too much everyday,
so it would be very difficult for you
to become a sodium insufficiency.

Most of Japanese food are much healthier
than heavy food like pizza, pasta, and hamburger.
But please make sure not to use too much soy sauce during meal.

You can enjoy the flavor of vinegared rice
 and sushi taste itself
if you just put small amount of soy sauce.
Japanese people also know it's enough delicious
to eat sushi with PONZU or without soy sauce.
Please try next time when you have a chance to go Japanese restaurant(o^―^o)

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