Friday, January 19, 2018

Radio Exercise. Full body stretch(*´ω`*) 7 minutes

All people can do this exercise in Japan,

because it was complementary exercise during summer vacation

in elementary school. Kids also learn this exercise in PE class.

Kids must wake up early in the morning and collect stamps

so that they can get rewards in the end of summer by their class teacher.

Even after people become adult, some companies in Japan

ask their workers to do this exercise before they start

I do Radio exercise before my training or yoga class, 

for this exercise includes various dynamic stretch and 

super effective to warm up my body within 7 minutes!!

It's only 7 minutes and

you can do only Radio exercise part 1 or 2 within 3 minutes

if you still don't have enough time for 7 minutes exercise.

Japanese Radio exercise was originally

made from Metropolitan Life Health Exercise.

It is a refined calisthenics workout but also

suitable for all people from small children to elderly people.

Is radio exercise effective for weight loss?

Yes, it is. All simple exercises was well considered to

loosen up muscles all throughout your body and 

warm up your body quickly.

It isn't hard exercise, so I guess people can enjoy this exercise

with rhythmical piano music(o^―^o)

You would be surprised at how it is fun and make you feel refreshed

after 7 minutes radio exercise.

If you are office worker or IT people,

you can kick off your sedentary life style 

by doing this exercise everyday.

Please give your body only 7 minutes.

Radio Taiso( Taiso means exercise in Japanese) effects

Improving flexibility without pain

Building a stronger metabolism

Relieving pain caused by lack of exercise 

Relief shoulder and lower back pain

Improve poor circulation 

Prevent injures before sports

Prevent muscular pain after hard training 

Refresh your mind and brain

Good for stress relief 

Improve your posture 

( Good posture is very important for all pretty ladies and handsome guys) 

Build beautiful body line

Good treatment for constipation

Remove extra water from your body

Burn 25 to 30 cal within 7 minutes! 

(It's same as playing tennis)


even after you read this article.

Maybe you might be suffered from adult diseases in the future

or you might become good friend of my (´・ω・`)

My husband is really lazy and doesn't move at all at home....

But please remember somebody who loves you are always

worrying about your health, so you should try to keep 

your good health not only for yourself but also for your family.

Eat vegetable, Move your body, and Keep your smile(⌒∇⌒)


Spanish Version

Radio Ejercicio

★Movimiento efectivo de todo el cuerpo★

These are stamp cards on which Japanese kids use to collect stamps.
I often asked my sister to get the stamps in stead of me when
I couldn't wake up early in the morning.(Cunning)lol

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