Saturday, January 27, 2018

How to make a steamed cake by rice cookers. Fluffy and delicious.

This is not recipe for losing weight.

But this is recipe for people
who is lazy and love honey cakes.
You just need simple ingredients and it's very cheap to make.
And it's still healthier than buying cakes in the supermarket,
because you don't know how much preservatives
and sugar are included in commercial cakes.

Today I introduce very easy and simple cake(⌒∇⌒)
All you need is a rice cooker, pan cake mix, and eggs.

How to make
1、Mix well 150g pan cake mix powder and three eggs
2、Cook until a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean

( normal white rice mode
or you can choose cake mode if your rice cooker has cake mode. About 40 minutes. 
It depends on rice cookers how many minutes you need to steam, so please be careful
not to over bake or half bake.)

※If you want, you can add
one table spoon of honey and water to make honey flavor cake.You can add maple syrup, vanilla essence, cinnamon powder, brown sugar, green tea powder, and sesames
if you want.

※If you have a egg beater, you can make more fluffy cake.
You just need to beat eggs well before you mix eggs with powder.

Two ingredient sponge cake( Easy castella by a rice cooker)

You don't need to mess up your kitchen and

struggle with powder which stick to your hairs and face anymore.

You can make pancake with these simple recipe.

You can use any kinds of milk,
but when you use low calories milk,
it might become simple taste cake.
But you or your kids
can put honey or syrup later on the cake.

So don't worry so much(´・ω・`)

Ingredients ・Pancake mix 150g
・egg yolk        
(You can use one whole egg in stead of 2 egg yolks)
・egg        1
・Milk or Soy Milk        100cc

(・One table spoon of honey and water)
← This is a option for honey cake lovers How to make
1.Mix all ingredients
2.Steam one time by a rice cooker(60 minutes)

|How to make Pancake with Rice cooker

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