Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How to look better without cosmetic surgeries(´・ω・`)

I often think many Japanese girls and Korean girls are
very good at making up.

I was working as a night club hostess when I was a college student.
At first time I was amazed how many girls changed a lot after they had done their make up just by 10 to 15 minutes!!
My coworker Chichan taught me how to make up properly, and I was really surprised when guys reactions and attitudes to me was so changed 
after I get used to making up perfectly and curling my hairs.
I earned a lot of money every night, because
many guys just wanted to spend a lot of money for me
and always gave me many presents,
although I always changed their presents to cash.lol

Many guys say they like good nature girls and
they don't care about girl's face or appearance so much, but I know they always attract to more beautiful or sexy girls.
(So it's just white lie( ゚Д゚))
And from my experience, many guys are more nice to me when I dress well and make up well in Japan.
I guess this is why many girls love cosmetics and practice making up perfectly in Japan, because Japanese guys choose their partner at first according to their appearance. Many guys will deny, but all of my friends of girls agree with me. It's inconvenient truth in Japan, and maybe truth in worldwide too.

Anyway if you wanna change your face without cosmetic surgeries,
and utilize your natural campus.

At first
You need to practice to line your eyes.
 (Eye liner practice)

You need to understand how eye shadows and face shadows work to improve your profile impression.

You can watch many Youtube video which Japanese or Korean uploaded.
If you are Asian, it might be better way to make up than imitating American or European girl's make up.

You can watch many Japanese style make up here.

I recommend both Japanese and Korean cosmetics.
They have good design, colors, and cute packages too.
Korean cosmetics might be cheaper than Japanese one,but Japanese one tend to be safer for your skin and good qualities.

At least I recommend you to read many reviews about the products before you purchase the products, and especially one star review sometimes has honest opinions about the products.
Don't waste your money to buy too cheap and too low quality one.

I wanna introduce you my favorite cosmetics someday(⌒∇⌒)

You can get a sharply nose. Let's get a beautiful profile by making up.

The eye liner which this girl used in her video.

Unique US & Japanese Skincare + Makeup Faves! (English @ 9:44) 
My must skin care make up. By Melody Morita

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