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Guluten Free Rice powder Breads 米粉のパン 

Rice is indispensable food for Japanese people.
Rice powder is gluten free and rich of nutrients, because it's made from rice.
Rice breads is more filling and softer than wheat breads, and also delicious(´・ω・`)

In the supermarket we can buy breads easily in cheap price and
there are many delicious sweet breads in bakery everywhere, but
most of the case modern breads are far from the original breads which made from simple ingredients. If they are original breads, they are good for your health
but sadly most of them are
kinds of false breads which are near to snacks or sweet rolls.
They include many artificial additives, sugars, and also heavy dairy like butter or margarine.
You never know how many bad things include inside of these attracting breads because you can't see it. So Steamed rice is usually much healthier than breads on the market because 
the ingredients are only rice and water.

Rice powder breads are easier than baking normal breads.
It's also fun to make breads by yourself. 
I know you are too busy to bake breads but I guess you can enjoy the simple breads 
if you bake them by yourself. Kids also like to make the dough of breads if you have kids.
You can make Rirakuma or Hello Kitty shape too.
Anyway it's fun.

After cooking you can also use the rice powder for your skin care.
Mix some rice powder with water and honey and apply on your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
Rince with cold water. You can mix small amount of olive oil if you have dried skin. 
Amino acids, vitamins, and mineral in rice powder make your skin moisturized and soft like mochi.
In Japan rice has been used as one of the traditional skin lighting and softening remedies for many years.

★Rice powder breads (no eggs, no milk, but include some flour)

Ingredients ( small 8 round breads)
 All purpose Flour or Strong Flour  150g
 Rice powder  150g
 Brown sugar 40 g
 Salt                3 g
 Soy milk       160 cc
 Olive oil       15g 
 Yeast            3-5g ( one tea spoon) 
 Warm water for Yeast          30 cc

1 Put Yeast into body temperature water and mix it well
2 Mix all ingredients and the water with Yeast
3 Knead all of them for 3 to 5 minutes. Add some water if you need.
4 Wait for 30 minutes  
5 Make small bums from the dough
6  Wait until the each bums become 1.5 times or double size 
7  Bake in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes in 180C/360F preheated oven.
   Place water container under the oven so that you can bake bread with steam.
   Or spray water in the oven by a water spray.

 ※ You can change ratio of flour and rice powder if you want, but please change amount of water or soymilk according to the dough texture in that case.

Please knead dough well. and please add some water little by little if dough is too hard.

 Rice bread recipe 2 Gluten free and Super easy

This bread is made with 100% rice flour and gluten free. This bread is easy to dry. Spray water entirely and heat it up with oven toaster when you eat this bread. it’ll be moistened again.


230g rice flour
10g oil
10g sugar
180g warm water
3g dried yeast
1/2 tsp salt

1. Put all the ingredients together and mix well until it is a bit sticky. You can use food processer.
2. Pour into loaf pan and wait until it doubles in volume.
3. Bake at 390F/200C for 30 minutes.


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