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Citrus Acid to maximazing your flexibility. Foods which help you to improve your flexibility.

I was asked by my coworker Rob before

"Does drinking vinegar help increase my flexibility?

I have never heard such a thing in USA,

but I often heard

drinking vinegar is good for my health in Japan."

I answered


but in that time

I couldn't explain well why vinegar is good for him.

When I checked online board,

many people wrote there is no scientific evidence, or

just deny the effects of vinegar itself.

I couldn't explain about the effect of citric acid ( Lemon water, vinegar, plum etc)

and I didn't know why drinking vinegar made my body flexible when I was small.

But my mom knew drinking vinegar removes fatigue from body

and also make our muscle more flexible.

After I studied many medical articles both in Japanese and in English on the internet,

I still can say "YES. Vinegar is effective to improve your flexibility."

And also my private

experience and my friend's experience
( She is a professional ballet dancer)

vinegar always helped us keep stamina and help us loosen our muscle

after we drunk it with plenty of water. 

Japanese people also eat PLUM ( UMEBOSHI 梅干し)with rice porridge 

when they become sick or very tired, and 

the simple meal aactually healed many people.

And Japanese pickled plum also includes citric acids
as well as vinegar. 

Why vinegar and plum are good to heal fatigue?

I wanna explain very simply here, 

1  As soon as you take vinegar ( or citric acids) ,
it start to eliminate fatigue.

2 Lactic acids in side of your body
(one of the substances causing fatigue) start to disappear
from your body if the Citric Acid Cycle is working well.

The stiffness of the body is caused by the lactic acids and stress.

3 Citric acids help your body fluids alkaline and normalizing     blood PH level. 
It also help you to change food you ate into energy efficiently.

4 After citric acids remove fatigue substances from your body, 
   you feel refreshed and released from accumulated stress mentally and physically.
   So your muscle become more flexible and you feel like your body become lighter without stiffness!!

In short,

Citric acid ( vinegar) defeat our fatigue.

We become more vigorous and healthy.

( and healthier body tend to be more flexible.)

Citric acids effects

Recovery from fatigue
Blood flow improvement
Promotion of absorption of minerals
Anti-aging effect
Prevention of cancer
Skin beauty effect
Prevent gout
Make your body alkaline

Which food includes citric acids?
Lemon, Lime, Plum, Sour dough, Rye breads, Kiwi,
All kinds of berries, Red and black currants, Wines,
Rosehip, Pineapple, Grapefruits, Vinegar, Acerola

Dear people who still can't disagree with my theory

Please go HP below and understand the Citric Acid Cycle.
Do you know why adults body tend to become not flexible

compared to young people?

although most of our body was very flexible when we were babies!!

And after we die our body become hard ( rigor mortis) like firm

I guess it's because adult's daily movement

of our bodies are limited,

because we should be calm down and polite in public.

We can't jump or walk about restlessly in our office,

and we often feel stress and nervous in daily life.

Thinking a lot and worrying too much also make our body tight.

So we need to do maintenance our body by taking citric acid and enough rest every night.

People who work a lot and play a lot should sleep deeply.

People who think a lot and use their brains a lot 

should use their legs too.( need more walk)

Citric acids exists in many food, especially sour food.

So if you remember about my article,

please eat sour food or drink lemon juice

when you feel super tired after work.

May you be mindful of what you eat and drink.

May you be watchful of your sleep and rest.

I pray God will give you strength and peace of mind everyday.

I pray in Jesus name. Amen.



I made vege pickles with vinegar and brown sugar and salt.(´・ω・`)

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