Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How to look better without cosmetic surgeries(´・ω・`)

I often think many Japanese girls and Korean girls are
very good at making up.

I was working as a night club hostess when I was a college student.
At first time I was amazed how many girls changed a lot after they had done their make up just by 10 to 15 minutes!!
My coworker Chichan taught me how to make up properly, and I was really surprised when guys reactions and attitudes to me was so changed 
after I get used to making up perfectly and curling my hairs.
I earned a lot of money every night, because
many guys just wanted to spend a lot of money for me
and always gave me many presents,
although I always changed their presents to cash.lol

Many guys say they like good nature girls and
they don't care about girl's face or appearance so much, but I know they always attract to more beautiful or sexy girls.
(So it's just white lie( ゚Д゚))
And from my experience, many guys are more nice to me when I dress well and make up well in Japan.
I guess this is why many girls love cosmetics and practice making up perfectly in Japan, because Japanese guys choose their partner at first according to their appearance. Many guys will deny, but all of my friends of girls agree with me. It's inconvenient truth in Japan, and maybe truth in worldwide too.

Anyway if you wanna change your face without cosmetic surgeries,
and utilize your natural campus.

At first
You need to practice to line your eyes.
 (Eye liner practice)

You need to understand how eye shadows and face shadows work to improve your profile impression.

You can watch many Youtube video which Japanese or Korean uploaded.
If you are Asian, it might be better way to make up than imitating American or European girl's make up.

You can watch many Japanese style make up here.

I recommend both Japanese and Korean cosmetics.
They have good design, colors, and cute packages too.
Korean cosmetics might be cheaper than Japanese one,but Japanese one tend to be safer for your skin and good qualities.

At least I recommend you to read many reviews about the products before you purchase the products, and especially one star review sometimes has honest opinions about the products.
Don't waste your money to buy too cheap and too low quality one.

I wanna introduce you my favorite cosmetics someday(⌒∇⌒)

You can get a sharply nose. Let's get a beautiful profile by making up.

The eye liner which this girl used in her video.

Unique US & Japanese Skincare + Makeup Faves! (English @ 9:44) 
My must skin care make up. By Melody Morita

Saturday, January 27, 2018

How to make a steamed cake by rice cookers. Fluffy and delicious.

This is not recipe for losing weight.

But this is recipe for people
who is lazy and love honey cakes.
You just need simple ingredients and it's very cheap to make.
And it's still healthier than buying cakes in the supermarket,
because you don't know how much preservatives
and sugar are included in commercial cakes.

Today I introduce very easy and simple cake(⌒∇⌒)
All you need is a rice cooker, pan cake mix, and eggs.

How to make
1、Mix well 150g pan cake mix powder and three eggs
2、Cook until a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean

( normal white rice mode
or you can choose cake mode if your rice cooker has cake mode. About 40 minutes. 
It depends on rice cookers how many minutes you need to steam, so please be careful
not to over bake or half bake.)

※If you want, you can add
one table spoon of honey and water to make honey flavor cake.You can add maple syrup, vanilla essence, cinnamon powder, brown sugar, green tea powder, and sesames
if you want.

※If you have a egg beater, you can make more fluffy cake.
You just need to beat eggs well before you mix eggs with powder.

Two ingredient sponge cake( Easy castella by a rice cooker)

You don't need to mess up your kitchen and

struggle with powder which stick to your hairs and face anymore.

You can make pancake with these simple recipe.

You can use any kinds of milk,
but when you use low calories milk,
it might become simple taste cake.
But you or your kids
can put honey or syrup later on the cake.

So don't worry so much(´・ω・`)

Ingredients ・Pancake mix 150g
・egg yolk        
(You can use one whole egg in stead of 2 egg yolks)
・egg        1
・Milk or Soy Milk        100cc

(・One table spoon of honey and water)
← This is a option for honey cake lovers How to make
1.Mix all ingredients
2.Steam one time by a rice cooker(60 minutes)

|How to make Pancake with Rice cooker

Thursday, January 25, 2018

How to make DASHI soup (healthy bonito soup) EASY!

If you wanna cook Japanase food,

you must learn how to make Dashi at first.

But don't worry, it's super easy and simple.

Dashi also help you to reduce intake of sodium

in each meals.

Japanese dashi soup boost your metabolism,

give you satisfaction without meat based soup,

and also alkalize your body! 

(because of Konbu dried kelp, 

which is Japanese superfood)

Bonito flakes are made from dried, fermented, and 

smoked bonito. It's traditional preservative food in 

Japan- bonito flakes 鰹節-tasty, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and strong anti-aging food.

(Bonito flakes include inosinic acid and vitamin E.) 

If you are vegetarian you can cut the bonito flake to make dashi,

because Konbu itself includes pleasantly savory flavor and rich of fiber and minerals(⌒∇⌒)

Please check Konbu dashi on the internet.

I sometimes make miso soup only with Konbu and 

ginger extract soup. It keep my feet warm.

my husband can't eat ginger and Konbu but 

he can eat the miso soup and it's yummy.hehe

You can also use Siitake mushroom or Iriko(dried baby anchovies) to make another flavor of dashi.

I wanna introduce you how to make dashi simply here.


  • 1 liter water
  • 10g~20g dried kombu (昆布)
  • 15g~20g packed dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi, 鰹節)
  • How to make Dashi
  • 1Combine water and kombu in a pot. (When you have a time, please soak the konbu for 30 minutes before heating a pot)
  • 2 Bring to a bare simmer over medium heat. Remove from heat and add bonito flakes. Let stand for 3 minutes. Strain through a fine mesh strainer and discard kombu and bonito.
  • ※one point advice
  • Please don't squeeze bonito flake or leave it in the soup,
  • or your soup will become bitter and not tasty.
  • There are already enough extracts from konbu and bonito
  •  flakes in your dashi.  But you can use the Konbu and bonito 
  • flakes for another dishes again if you want.
If you are too lazy, you can use Dashi packet, only Konbu,
or Dashi powder(Please choose no MSG and additive-free one in that case). I recommend you to combine Konbu and Dashi packet. 

Dashi (fish broth) Recipe - Japanese Cooking 101

 My Secret Recipe for Glowing Skin!【美肌ぷるぷるレシピ 】By Melody Morita

 My JAPANESE Diet Tips! Ballet dancer recipe

健康 ダイエット 食生活 #バレリーナが教えるシリーズ By Melody Morita

Monday, January 22, 2018

Citrus Acid to maximazing your flexibility. Foods which help you to improve your flexibility.

I was asked by my coworker Rob before

"Does drinking vinegar help increase my flexibility?

I have never heard such a thing in USA,

but I often heard

drinking vinegar is good for my health in Japan."

I answered


but in that time

I couldn't explain well why vinegar is good for him.

When I checked online board,

many people wrote there is no scientific evidence, or

just deny the effects of vinegar itself.

I couldn't explain about the effect of citric acid ( Lemon water, vinegar, plum etc)

and I didn't know why drinking vinegar made my body flexible when I was small.

But my mom knew drinking vinegar removes fatigue from body

and also make our muscle more flexible.

After I studied many medical articles both in Japanese and in English on the internet,

I still can say "YES. Vinegar is effective to improve your flexibility."

And also my private

experience and my friend's experience
( She is a professional ballet dancer)

vinegar always helped us keep stamina and help us loosen our muscle

after we drunk it with plenty of water. 

Japanese people also eat PLUM ( UMEBOSHI 梅干し)with rice porridge 

when they become sick or very tired, and 

the simple meal aactually healed many people.

And Japanese pickled plum also includes citric acids
as well as vinegar. 

Why vinegar and plum are good to heal fatigue?

I wanna explain very simply here, 

1  As soon as you take vinegar ( or citric acids) ,
it start to eliminate fatigue.

2 Lactic acids in side of your body
(one of the substances causing fatigue) start to disappear
from your body if the Citric Acid Cycle is working well.

The stiffness of the body is caused by the lactic acids and stress.

3 Citric acids help your body fluids alkaline and normalizing     blood PH level. 
It also help you to change food you ate into energy efficiently.

4 After citric acids remove fatigue substances from your body, 
   you feel refreshed and released from accumulated stress mentally and physically.
   So your muscle become more flexible and you feel like your body become lighter without stiffness!!

In short,

Citric acid ( vinegar) defeat our fatigue.

We become more vigorous and healthy.

( and healthier body tend to be more flexible.)

Citric acids effects

Recovery from fatigue
Blood flow improvement
Promotion of absorption of minerals
Anti-aging effect
Prevention of cancer
Skin beauty effect
Prevent gout
Make your body alkaline

Which food includes citric acids?
Lemon, Lime, Plum, Sour dough, Rye breads, Kiwi,
All kinds of berries, Red and black currants, Wines,
Rosehip, Pineapple, Grapefruits, Vinegar, Acerola

Dear people who still can't disagree with my theory

Please go HP below and understand the Citric Acid Cycle.

Do you know why adults body tend to become not flexible

compared to young people?

although most of our body was very flexible when we were babies!!

And after we die our body become hard ( rigor mortis) like firm tofu.lol

I guess it's because adult's daily movement

of our bodies are limited,

because we should be calm down and polite in public.

We can't jump or walk about restlessly in our office,

and we often feel stress and nervous in daily life.

Thinking a lot and worrying too much also make our body tight.

So we need to do maintenance our body by taking citric acid and enough rest every night.

People who work a lot and play a lot should sleep deeply.

People who think a lot and use their brains a lot 

should use their legs too.( need more walk)

Citric acids exists in many food, especially sour food.

So if you remember about my article,

please eat sour food or drink lemon juice

when you feel super tired after work.

May you be mindful of what you eat and drink.

May you be watchful of your sleep and rest.

I pray God will give you strength and peace of mind everyday.

I pray in Jesus name. Amen.



I made vege pickles with vinegar and brown sugar and salt.(´・ω・`)

9 Flexibility Tips

Top 10 Alkaline Foods You Should Be Eating Everyday

10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

Okayu (Japanese Rice Porridge) Recipe - Japanese Cooking 101

Friday, January 19, 2018

Radio Exercise. Full body stretch(*´ω`*) 7 minutes

All people can do this exercise in Japan,

because it was complementary exercise during summer vacation

in elementary school. Kids also learn this exercise in PE class.

Kids must wake up early in the morning and collect stamps

so that they can get rewards in the end of summer by their class teacher.

Even after people become adult, some companies in Japan

ask their workers to do this exercise before they start working.lol

I do Radio exercise before my training or yoga class, 

for this exercise includes various dynamic stretch and 

super effective to warm up my body within 7 minutes!!

It's only 7 minutes and

you can do only Radio exercise part 1 or 2 within 3 minutes

if you still don't have enough time for 7 minutes exercise.

Japanese Radio exercise was originally

made from Metropolitan Life Health Exercise.

It is a refined calisthenics workout but also

suitable for all people from small children to elderly people.

Is radio exercise effective for weight loss?

Yes, it is. All simple exercises was well considered to

loosen up muscles all throughout your body and 

warm up your body quickly.

It isn't hard exercise, so I guess people can enjoy this exercise

with rhythmical piano music(o^―^o)

You would be surprised at how it is fun and make you feel refreshed

after 7 minutes radio exercise.

If you are office worker or IT people,

you can kick off your sedentary life style 

by doing this exercise everyday.

Please give your body only 7 minutes.

Radio Taiso( Taiso means exercise in Japanese) effects

Improving flexibility without pain

Building a stronger metabolism

Relieving pain caused by lack of exercise 

Relief shoulder and lower back pain

Improve poor circulation 

Prevent injures before sports

Prevent muscular pain after hard training 

Refresh your mind and brain

Good for stress relief 

Improve your posture 

( Good posture is very important for all pretty ladies and handsome guys) 

Build beautiful body line

Good treatment for constipation

Remove extra water from your body

Burn 25 to 30 cal within 7 minutes! 

(It's same as playing tennis)


even after you read this article.

Maybe you might be suffered from adult diseases in the future

or you might become good friend of my husband.lol (´・ω・`)

My husband is really lazy and doesn't move at all at home....

But please remember somebody who loves you are always

worrying about your health, so you should try to keep 

your good health not only for yourself but also for your family.

Eat vegetable, Move your body, and Keep your smile(⌒∇⌒)


Spanish Version

Radio Ejercicio

★Movimiento efectivo de todo el cuerpo★

These are stamp cards on which Japanese kids use to collect stamps.
I often asked my sister to get the stamps in stead of me when
I couldn't wake up early in the morning.(Cunning)lol

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Too much soy sauce make you fat!! How to reduce intake of sodium

 American people often think sushi is very healthy food for them.

 It’s surely true that fresh fish oil is rich of DHA and EPA, and

these nutriments are good for your brain.

 So sushi might be good to protect your heart, maintain hormone balance,

boost metabolism, prevent cancer, and improve your blood circulation.

(Fish oil doesn't clog your blood vessel like animal fat.)

But do you know there are proper way to eat sushi in Japan?

This way is also essential to make sure you stay in fit like slim Japanese women.

I guess most of Japanese women know about this and they are careful about this.

My mother always scold me when I put it too much on food.

Only things you must be careful in Japanese restaurant is 
the intake of soy sauce. 

It’s also better for your health and insulin level control 

if you can drink Japanese green tea during your meal.

Even one cup of green tea after meal have

many good effects on your body.   

Green tea also clean up your mouth and

keep your mouth smell good. 

Anyway I wanna emphasis again

you shouldn't put too much soy sauce on your sushi.

If you watch people carefully, many Japanese people eat sushi

by their hands and they put very small amount of soy sauce on

the edge of their sushi.

On the contrary, many American people or

Mexican people here in USA loooooove soy sauce so much

and they pour soy sauce on the top of their food

as if it is a dressing for salad.

Salt make your body swollen and 
help you accumulate water and fat inside of your body.
It's sure that salt is essential mineral for human body

and it also help body keep warm during winter.

But don't worry because nowadays most of people
overtake sodium too much everyday,
so it would be very difficult for you
to become a sodium insufficiency.

Most of Japanese food are much healthier
than heavy food like pizza, pasta, and hamburger.
But please make sure not to use too much soy sauce during meal.

You can enjoy the flavor of vinegared rice
 and sushi taste itself
if you just put small amount of soy sauce.
Japanese people also know it's enough delicious
to eat sushi with PONZU or without soy sauce.
Please try next time when you have a chance to go Japanese restaurant(o^―^o)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Guluten Free Rice powder Breads 米粉のパン 

Rice is indispensable food for Japanese people.
Rice powder is gluten free and rich of nutrients, because it's made from rice.
Rice breads is more filling and softer than wheat breads, and also delicious(´・ω・`)

In the supermarket we can buy breads easily in cheap price and
there are many delicious sweet breads in bakery everywhere, but
most of the case modern breads are far from the original breads which made from simple ingredients. If they are original breads, they are good for your health
but sadly most of them are
kinds of false breads which are near to snacks or sweet rolls.
They include many artificial additives, sugars, and also heavy dairy like butter or margarine.
You never know how many bad things include inside of these attracting breads because you can't see it. So Steamed rice is usually much healthier than breads on the market because 
the ingredients are only rice and water.

Rice powder breads are easier than baking normal breads.
It's also fun to make breads by yourself. 
I know you are too busy to bake breads but I guess you can enjoy the simple breads 
if you bake them by yourself. Kids also like to make the dough of breads if you have kids.
You can make Rirakuma or Hello Kitty shape too.
Anyway it's fun.

After cooking you can also use the rice powder for your skin care.
Mix some rice powder with water and honey and apply on your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
Rince with cold water. You can mix small amount of olive oil if you have dried skin. 
Amino acids, vitamins, and mineral in rice powder make your skin moisturized and soft like mochi.
In Japan rice has been used as one of the traditional skin lighting and softening remedies for many years.

★Rice powder breads (no eggs, no milk, but include some flour)

Ingredients ( small 8 round breads)
 All purpose Flour or Strong Flour  150g
 Rice powder  150g
 Brown sugar 40 g
 Salt                3 g
 Soy milk       160 cc
 Olive oil       15g 
 Yeast            3-5g ( one tea spoon) 
 Warm water for Yeast          30 cc

1 Put Yeast into body temperature water and mix it well
2 Mix all ingredients and the water with Yeast
3 Knead all of them for 3 to 5 minutes. Add some water if you need.
4 Wait for 30 minutes  
5 Make small bums from the dough
6  Wait until the each bums become 1.5 times or double size 
7  Bake in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes in 180C/360F preheated oven.
   Place water container under the oven so that you can bake bread with steam.
   Or spray water in the oven by a water spray.

 ※ You can change ratio of flour and rice powder if you want, but please change amount of water or soymilk according to the dough texture in that case.

Please knead dough well. and please add some water little by little if dough is too hard.

 Rice bread recipe 2 Gluten free and Super easy

This bread is made with 100% rice flour and gluten free. This bread is easy to dry. Spray water entirely and heat it up with oven toaster when you eat this bread. it’ll be moistened again.


230g rice flour
10g oil
10g sugar
180g warm water
3g dried yeast
1/2 tsp salt

1. Put all the ingredients together and mix well until it is a bit sticky. You can use food processer.
2. Pour into loaf pan and wait until it doubles in volume.
3. Bake at 390F/200C for 30 minutes.


You can get good ingredients here, like gluten free powder, vegetable oil etc..
Please use the first order discount cord  FPN489
You can get 5 % off (o^―^o) 
I often use iHerb to buy organic cosmetics and good quality oils in good price.
They have many cheaper items and this site is reliable.
Every iHerb order is eligible to receive discount and free shipping. (over 20 dollars)

元はアメリカで生まれた糖質制限ダイエット たんぱく質過剰摂取で心疾患・肝機能低下 糖質制限の闇

  糖質制限は 私はもう古い間違ったダイエット法 にしか思えないが、 アメリカでも日本でも 未だにすごくホットな減量法とされていて 糖質制限が体に悪い なんて 言う情報はネットでは滅多にみないし 意外とみんな知らないことだと思うことを 今日は書こうと思う。 ケトダイエットはたんぱ...